Fabric’s licence has been suspended by Islington Council following two drug-related deaths this summer, and the nightclub’s future looks bleak and uncertain.

The number of remaining UK nightclubs has dwindled to almost half of what it was ten years ago, with 3,144 open in 2005, down to just 1,733 in 2015, according to the BBC.

Fabric’s licence will be reviewed by Islington Council on September 6th.

The nightclub is internationally recognised, and a launchpad for underground artists.

The closure of Fabric would not only mean one less popular night spot for clubbers to frequent, but would also see an end to a business which has helped unrecognised/underrated artists come crashing full centre onto the UK underground scene through its incredibly successful Fabriclive mixes and events.

The possible closure has caused huge backlash online, with a petition against its closure (created by resident DJ Jacob Husley) reaching 90,000 supporters in just four days.