Croydon-based DJ Hatcha just dropped Hatched 10, and it’s lifting off. Snare heavy and loaded with bass, this EP will lift you onto your feet. Fusing a jungle-style drum pad with a deep dubstep bass synth, Hatcha looks set to guide dubstep back into the spotlight. Whilst dubstep briefly moved aside for splinter genres like drumstep, bass garage and trap, it looks set to make a resurgence, and 2017 might just be the year for dubstep’s big return.

The track I can’t get enough of is Bawl Out – it’s got an unapologetically classic dubstep ‘wub-wub’ bassline, laced with bongo-style drums and evolving dark atmospherics.

Where people grew tired of dubstep because of its sometimes over-produced ‘fax machine’-like noises, Hatcha steps in to fill the void with his simultaneously stimulating and relaxing take on the genre. Hatched 10 is melodic, rhythmic and calculated, unlike much of the traditional dubstep which could become an attack of the senses at times. Ditching the high-pitched beeps and polyphonic ringtone style barrages native to classic dubstep, Hatched 10 is moody and controlled.

Dubstep’s coming back, and it’s going to sweep up more electronic music lovers in its inevitable second wave of success. And if one thing’s certain, it’s that Hatcha won’t be far from the tide.