Something big is brewing in the underground hip hop game, and Kimbro, Chris Prythm and Speek Eazy are the guys behind this one. Living up to its name in every conceivable way, Classics is, put simply, an instant classic right off the bat, and it’s been on repeat since it was dropped into my inbox earlier.

Classics is hip hop as it’s supposed to be; stripped down to its component parts, with a minimalist yet unforgettable beat and lyrics with a meaning that allows the listeners to connect with the artists in a way that goes beyond conventional rap.

The simple yet characterful piano notes in the background, complemented in sync by what sounds like an electric violin, have similarities to old-school Nas. Kimbro and Speek Eazy have a flow comparable to the likes of Raekwon, and their vocals are somewhat similar in sound to Mobb Deep. The OG hip hop inspirations are obvious in Classics, and Kimbro and the rest of the iLL-it artists are helping to keep old-school hip hop alive and well.

Chris Prythm lays down a beat that’s similar in style to MF Doom’s work; it’s almost experimental in nature, and is designed to test the boundaries of hip hop, resulting in a sound that both stands out from and improves upon the rest.

Classics is from Kimbro’s second studio album, The Relief:2. It was released on January 21st 2016 by Ill-it Records, and you can buy it here.

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iLLiteracy’s credits include: Ill-iteracy, Chris Prythm, Will Spitwell, Speek Eazy, Young Observe, Kimbro, Lloyd Banks, Raekwon, A-Wax, Gonzoe, Fred the Godson, Teedra Moses, Glasses Malone, and growing. (Licensing credits also include Viacom & ESPN).