The summer break’s almost over, which means it’s nearly time to move back to uni. When I’ve moved back, I’ll have access to editing software like Photoshop and Illustrator, which means I’ll be able to give the site a much more refined and professional look. At the moment it’s horribly crude, as the current design (including the logo) is acting as a placeholder until I have access to the software I need to update it.

With this much-needed facelift, the site will become a lot more user-friendly, meaning it’ll be easier for you guys to navigate and find interesting articles, features and music posts.

I’ve been working a separate job full-time, so I haven’t had the free time I need to build and update the site; however, with the free time that being at uni will buy me, I can put more energy and dedicate more time into developing the site, which means more content for you.

The underground music scene is constantly adapting and evolving, and the boundaries of contemporary music are being pushed and manipulated in unprecedented ways as new and emerging artists are exploring unique ways to challenge the status quo and shake up the genres we’ve come to recognise.

Now is a massively exciting time to document the perpetually shape-shifting underground music scene, and I can’t wait to be riding the crest of the tidal waves of new, unsigned, underappreciated and underrated music, bringing the biggest and best sounds to your headphones.

Please watch this space for more, and I promise bigger things are coming! 2017 will be a huge year for